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Nature Aware Magazine

Science. News. Conservation.

The central aim of this magazine is to inspire, educate and celebrate.

Additionally, we hope to make an impact on readers through good, hard science.

Our goal is to add more diverse voices to important conversations about ecology, endangered species and environmental science. It's important to normalize multiple ethnic backgrounds, differing gender and physical abilities in people who work to collect data and formulate theories. Science is the dominion of intellect, and intellect should have no stereotype.

The creation of Nature Aware was inspired in large part by my own awakening to understanding the Human primate's place in the world. We are an ecologically taxing species, and – with seven billion members of our family – face unparalleled uncertainty for our collective future.

This publication puts a needed spotlight on those among us who are working to understand, improve and correct damaged parts of the natural world. In short, we produce epic content, within epic context.

                                                             - Rick Wood, Publisher